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Iva McDaniels is a multidisciplinary artist. She is the author of the poetry book MOIST, a playwright, freelance spiritual/entertainment writer, and filmmaker. Her goal is to create a body of work that focuses on universal themes of connectivity. She wants to encourage her audience to believe in the fundamental truth of obtaining a better quality of life through following their heart’s desire. Her creativity is a divine service to the world and she gratefully shares it.


I feel so at home

relaxed in my creative skin

this is my freedom(I see it)

my foot at the door (freedom)

wanting this freedom

to stand on my own(feel whole)

(natural) in my skin

in my space(safe)

in this freedom.


It’s never too late
To change your mind
About he, she, us and me.

It’s never too late
To finish that book
To learn to cook, sew
Or play the piano.

It’s never too late
To set that date
To finish that class
To have a blast
To get in shape
To anticipate being the apple of your eye.

It’s never too late
To praise his name
Humble ourselves under his tame
Relinquish control of our lives
See the truth behind the lies.

It’s never too late
To not underestimate
Your ability to be great.

It’s never too late
To not hesitate
The steps you need to take
To concentrate your energies to celebrate
Your greatness.

updated 7-3-2019






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