Various Artists




I felt him last night

Warm breath against my neck

Arm locked around my waist

Chest glued to my back

Beater and boxers contour his frame

His scent fresh and free

He kissed my shoulder in his sleep

Eyes wide shut seeing me with his heart

Feeling me with his mind

Solid soul imagery swooning to the blues.


Acceptance of energy within

Granting me solace

Restore the muse and formation of my soul

Supporting my risks to create from your essence

Validating that we are one

Breathing wholeness into my heart

Living from my foundation

Honoring you for honoring me.


In this quiet state, I see myself flying above this fear

Spreading my arms, strong fists blasting through this fear

Elevating to the height of faith

Length of trust

Blossoming into an invincible butterfly

Gliding over my concerns

In my silent state, I feel achievement in my heart

Tingles of anticipation

Surrendering to victory serving among the crowd.