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Iva McDaniels is a multidisciplinary artist. She is the author of the poetry book MOIST, a playwright, freelance spiritual/entertainment writer, and filmmaker. Her goal is to create a body of work that focuses on universal themes of connectivity. She wants to encourage her audience to believe in the fundamental truth of obtaining a better quality of life through following their heart’s desire. Her creativity is a divine service to the world and she gratefully shares it.


In case no one has told you today, I want you to know — you matter.
Your voice matters.
Your existence matters.
Your life matters.
The current climate is nothing more than the unmasking of tensions that have been simmering for hundreds of years.
We can no longer hide. We can no longer turn a blind eye. We can no longer live in silent agreement.
And as we all process our emotions, let us focus our hearts on the men in our lives who 
disproportionately bear the burden of hatred and the harsh realities of this society each and every day.
There are forces in this world that would have our men believe they are inferior,
 that they are criminal, that their very essence is violent, or that their mere presence is threatening. But, my Beloved Kings, I know your heart.  
I know how you love your family. 
I know how you fight every day to hold down a job to provide for your loved ones.  
I see how your daughters melt your heart, and how you teach your sons to 
carry the family torch with pride and dignity.
I see how you consistently beat the odds, and make something
 out of nothing time and time again with your unending determination to simply make us proud.
I want you to know I see you. And yes, we are proud




I love the warmth of the sun.
It shields me from my cold fears.
Comforts me from my frozen disappointments.
Covers me from my icy past.
The warmth dares me to see from its light.
The light of truth never leaves you alone.
It brightens the darkness that creeps in unknowingly
Light let me see always
Light let me know always that we are one
Light let me accept that ones is real and the darkness is illusion
Light let me be still in this truth.




Once upon a time I was in love
Seems like a lifetime ago
Romantic movies remind me of what was
Love songs urge me to believe in faded memories
Fear of the unknown.
Once upon a time I lost myself in love
I catered to someone who wasn’t me
I compromised my time, worth and love
The movies showed me more
The songs flowed more
Once upon a time was a lifetime ago.


48 hours full bloom beauty grew as the world turned on its own;
so was full bloom on its own to live in the light;
shine from the laughter swirled in its petals;
soft love fragrant lathered itself in secrecy hiding behind a tree waiting to be found;
 always there after the count of 10 waiting to be seeked in plain sight for those with sight.




updated 1-6-2022











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