Jonathan Marc



   I am a leader of myself first and foremost. As well as a leader for a new Reality for Africans around the world. I have been a member of the Tax Wall Street political party. As well as the chairman of the united African family federation which currently has over five thousand. I have also been a member of the united front against austerity. An I also created a political party known as the People’s Party which had a headquarters in Fort Lauderdale and Miami Florida. Politically I want to see a free and economically independent Africa. I am currently actively trying to do what I can to end slavery and the underground slave trade against black peoples world wide especially in places like Libya Liberia and Mauritania  along with organ stealing and organ trafficking. My political views are as a Pan African Nationalist. An domestically I align my economic views with that of the   In summation I will create a united Pan African Federation that will protect and provide for every melaninated face on the Planet


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