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Music has always been a part of Lyrycal’s life. Born Steven Smith in Atlanta Ga. Lyrycal recorded his first song at the age of 10, and quickly knew this is something that he seriously wanted to do. Influenced by his father Steve “Baby Jaye” Smith and long time friend of the family Frank “Cognac” Archer he began to craft his art. While attending middle school, he often found himself writing songs during his free time and even sometimes in class. He formed his first group “XT” while in middle school. “XT” consisted of two rappers and two singers. While they never had  the opportunity to record songs, they often would perform to entertain friends and continue to grow a deep love for music.. At the age of 13 he moved to Hampton, Georgia where he meet of new friends that also wanted to pursue music. Out of the group he met Alex”Quick” Lughas. After a shakey relationship and  lots of name changes “Quick” and now “Lyrycal” form his first serious rap group called “The Joker Crew”. Along with his school and athletics schedule Lyrycal managed to produce his first album tin the 10th grade Title ‘No Laughing Matta”.Doing shows and gaining attention. The group gained support from family and friends. While attending Lovejoy High School, Lyrycal began to work on solo projects. Linking up with local singer Kendal Brown he did a song called “Cant’ Deny” which got great approval while performing at a talent show for his high school. Putting together a few more songs he produced a demo and shopped it around with little success. After graduating from high school in 2006, he put his music career on hold to attend Florida International University and Later Georgia Southern. In the summer of 2007 while collaborating with producer Lamar “Lambo” Fidel, his passion was rekindled and he went to work towards his passion. Completing the song “Full Of Beat” “Touchin and Kissin” “Dope” and a selection of other songs he slowly began to build a fan base at Georgia Southern University. During his Apollo Night hosted by the Black Student Alliance on campus in 2008, he made history by being the first rap act not to be booed off the stage. Later joining the promotional team Blackout Entertainment, he began to throw parties and slowly moved up the ranks in the company. He put out his first mix tape titled  “Blotto” in February of 2008. By the end of spring 2009 he was awarded an executive position in the company. Being a part of the parties at a popular nightclub in Georgia on Fridays during the summer, the company began to establish itself in the entertainment ranks. Lyrycal, also know as Blotto now, felt it was a good time to put his all into his music. Lyrycal as he is now known as, started on his latest project 5959 Same Book Different Story lets you know he is ready for the big league. Solely produced by him makes him a giant in the hip-hop and rap game. This versatile album is sure to catch your attention. With four singles released on Unda Tha Stairs Various Artist CD “Full Of  Beat”, “She Rocks”, “BackPack”, and “Written(Freestyle)” is just a glimpse on what is coming in the future. Look out for his new release in early 2018. Now Steven Smith still pursues his career in music known as Lyrycal and S. Blotto is a dedicated mentor and teacher in Savannah, Georgia were he works.

Lyrycal new album release 5959 Same Book Different Story 9-23-2018



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